Intel i7-14700K processor 33M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz

Original price was: 28,500 EGP.Current price is: 24,999 EGP.

Intel® Core™ i7 processor 14700K 33M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz

  • Intel i7-14700K processor 33M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz

    Original price was: 28,500 EGP.Current price is: 24,999 EGP.

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    Intel i7-14700K processor 33M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz

    Original price was: 28,500 EGP.Current price is: 24,999 EGP.

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    Intel® Core™ i7 processor 14700K 33M Cache, up to 5.60 GHz

    14700K i7 14700 k

    Product Collection Intel® Core™ i7 Processors (14th gen)
    Code Name Products formerly RAPTOR LAKE
    Vertical Segment Desktop
    Processor Number i7-14700K
    Lithography Intel 7
    CPU Specifications
    Total Cores 20
    # of Performance-cores 8
    # of Efficient-cores 12
    Total Threads 28
    Max Turbo Frequency 5.6 GHz
    Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency ‡ 5.6 GHz
    Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency 5.5 GHz
    Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency 4.3 GHz
    Performance-core Base Frequency 3.4 GHz
    Efficient-core Base Frequency 2.5 GHz
    Cache 33 MB Intel® Smart Cache
    Total L2 Cache 28 MB
    Processor Base Power 125 W
    Maximum Turbo Power 253 W
    Supplemental Information
    Marketing Status Launched
    Launch Date Q4’23
    Embedded Options Available No
    Memory Specifications
    Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 192 GB
    Memory Types Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s
    Max # of Memory Channels 2
    Max Memory Bandwidth 89.6 GB/s
    ECC Memory Supported   ‡ Yes
    GPU Specifications
    Processor Graphics ‡ Intel® UHD Graphics 770
    Graphics Base Frequency 300 GHz
    Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 1.6 GHz
    Graphics Output eDP 1.4b |  DP 1.4a |  HDMI 2.1
    Execution Units 32
    Max Resolution (HDMI)‡ 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
    Max Resolution (DP)‡ 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz
    Max Resolution (eDP – Integrated Flat Panel)‡ 5120 x 3200 @ 120Hz
    DirectX* Support 12
    OpenGL* Support 4.5
    OpenCL* Support 3
    Multi-Format Codec Engines 2
    Intel® Quick Sync Video Yes
    Intel® Clear Video HD Technology Yes
    # of Displays Supported ‡ 4
    Device ID 0xA780
    Expansion Options
    Direct Media Interface (DMI) Revision 4
    Max # of DMI Lanes 8
    Scalability 1S Only
    PCI Express Revision 5.0 and 4.0
    PCI Express Configurations ‡ Up to 1×16+4 |  2×8+4
    Max # of PCI Express Lanes 20
    Package Specifications
    Sockets Supported FCLGA1700
    Max CPU Configuration 1
    Thermal Solution Specification PCG 2020A
    Package Size 45.0 mm x 37.5 mm
    Advanced Technologies
    Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3
    Intel® Thread Director Yes
    Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) on CPU Yes
    Intel® Speed Shift Technology Yes
    Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 ‡ Yes
    Intel® Turbo Boost Technology ‡ 2
    Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡ Yes
    Intel® 64 ‡ Yes
    Instruction Set 64-bit
    Instruction Set Extensions Intel® SSE4.1 |  Intel® SSE4.2 |  Intel® AVX2
    Idle States Yes
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology Yes
    Thermal Monitoring Technologies Yes
    Intel® Volume Management Device (VMD) Yes
    Security & Reliability
    Intel® Standard Manageability (ISM) ‡ Yes
    Intel® Control-Flow Enforcement Technology Yes
    Intel® AES New Instructions Yes
    Secure Key Yes
    Intel® OS Guard Yes
    Execute Disable Bit ‡ Yes
    Intel® Boot Guard Yes
    Mode-based Execute Control (MBEC) Yes
    Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡ Yes
    Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) ‡ Yes
    Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT) ‡ Yes


    the powerful and feature-packed 14700k gaming product, designed to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. This cutting-edge device combines exceptional performance, stunning visuals, and advanced features, making it the ultimate choice for both gamers and tech enthusiasts.

    With its lightning-fast processing power, the 14700k ensures smooth and lag-free gameplay, allowing you to immerse yourself in the virtual world without any interruptions. Equipped with a high-performance processor and an abundance of RAM, this gaming product can handle even the most demanding games and applications with ease.

    The 14700k boasts a state-of-the-art graphics card that delivers breathtaking visuals and realistic details. Whether you’re exploring vast open worlds or engaging in intense multiplayer battles, every frame will be rendered in stunning detail, bringing your gaming experience to life like never before.

    Additionally, this gaming product features a spacious and lightning-fast storage solution, ensuring quick load times and ample space for all your games, files, and multimedia content. Say goodbye to long loading screens and hello to instant access to your favorite titles.

    14700k GAMING Review


    Not only does the 14700k excel in gaming performance, but it also offers a host of features that enhance your overall gaming experience. With advanced cooling technology, this product keeps your system running at optimal temperatures, preventing overheating and ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Furthermore, the 14700k comes equipped with a range of connectivity options, including high-speed USB ports, HDMI outputs, and Ethernet ports, allowing you to easily connect to your peripherals and enjoy seamless multiplayer experiences.

    In terms of design, the 14700k boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that will complement any gaming setup. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, while customizable RGB lighting adds a touch of personalization to your gaming rig.



    Final Words

    Out of the three Raptor Lake refresh processors we’ve now had our hands-on, I have to say this one feels the best. Slightly better temperatures, close to 13900K performance and a price of just over 400 USD. It’s a lot of performance for your money.  Performance can and will vary widely across different media outlets. That discrepancy stems from the motherboard manufacturers and model PL1 assignments versus determining the CPU’s configuration.

    Anyway, utilizing motherboard defaults with optimizations turned on will also show a rise in the CPU’s temperature. In any case, adequate cooling is imperative to handle these heat surges, a scenario somewhat analogous to the Ryzen 7000 high-tier variants. For gamers, the Raptor Lake L2/L3 caches contribute significantly to heightened performance,

    Gaming performance

    The 14th Core series processors harden Intel’s position in gaming performance. When examining resolutions that are CPU-constrained, Intel frequently holds a performance advantage, closely competing with the 7000 series X3D. The performance differences are typically minor, and not every user possesses a high-end graphics card priced above 1000 USD where you can measure most of that difference. In fact, a larger proportion of users might be using a graphics card like the GeForce RTX 4060/4080 or RX 7600/7800 XT, where the CPU’s performance becomes less relevant since the GPU emerges as the primary limitation.

    DDR5 Memory

    When considering a transition to an entirely new platform, the total cost of ownership is a significant factor. Even though the price of DDR5 memory is projected to further decrease in the upcoming year. For Intel configurations, a minimum of 5200 MHz is advisable, but for both Intel and AMD, a 6000 MHz configuration might offer optimal performance.

    Energy efficiency

    The 125W TDP-rated Core i7-14700K is a processor that is allowed a staggering max 253 Watts (PL1+PL2) state, however, we’re seeing the PC moving towards close to 400 Watts under all-core load, deducting the motherboard and GPU from that value, and you’ll end up at 300~350 Watts. That does not mean the processor runs that wattage all the time, however for short bursts of time when needed the PC can pull that wattage, and yeah it’s a lot. Overall the temperatures peak high, but only for a short amount of time. You could cool this processor with a premium heatpipe-based cooler however we’d seriously advise a proper all-in-one liquid cooling kit to start with.

    Our processor settles in the 80- to 90’ies C under a full 28-threaded load but with a poorer quality LCS we’ve seen that value climb to 90-95 degrees C.


    As with all processors, you still have a bit of leash to overclock. With proper liquid cooling (an LCS kit with enough capacity),With these temps at hand.

    we advise the voltage regulated by the motherboard (auto). For Core i7-14700K, this seems to be in the 5900~6000 MHz areas, again that’s all P cores.

    That value is of course very impressive, we OCed to 6000 Mhz (all P cores) and can run a benchmarks stable.


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